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I have seen a conference of Reliance Industries Ltd. Annual meeting 2019, in which I saw the chairman, managing director and the largest shareholder of RIL Mr. Mukesh Ambani sir addressing about Reliance. Then I have researched approximately one year about Reliance and the CEO of RIL. I  got surprised after knowing that he is the most wealthiest person of India and comes under the top 10 wealthiest person in the world.

Mukesh Ambani is the son of the founder of the Reliance Industries Ltd. Mr. Dhiru Bhai Ambani who is an ideal for the startups and entrepreneurship. Mr. Dheeru Bhai Ambani started his carrer as a clerk at A.Besse & Co., which in the 1950s was the largest transcontinental trading firm east of suez. Then he began a business trading spices in the late 1950s, calling his nascent venture Reliance Commercial Corporation. After the death of Dhiru Bhai Ambani in 2003 the RIL came into the hands of Mukesh Ambani.
Reliance is the most used brand in India. After the commencement of Reliance Jio , India is  growing  rapidly in the field of telecom sector. Reliance Jio has done revolutionary change in Indian technology.Now-a-days India is trying to become completely digital, it's most of credit goes to the reliance Jio. Along with that Reliance Aviation Jet, Auto LPG,refresh ,A1 plaza, Reliance Petroleum Retail etc. are the major products of RIL India.

According to the report of Forbes, Mukesh Ambani is now the 5th richest person in the world. He came on 5th place from 13th place after backing off Warren Buffet and Steve Ballmer. As RIL India is progressing rapidly a lot of big companies are investing in Reliance Jio. Every business person is looking a bright future in Reliance.

5 Reasons why RIL INDIA is growing up :

  1.  India is trying to become a self-reliant country. In this mission Reliance has a big chance of investment and expandation of the business.  
  2. Few days ago ,Reliance India has been declared the loan free company. Due to this advantage Reliance has a better opportunity to develop.
  3. Reliance Jio has attracted a lot of companies and business from positive Attitude.As a result, Jio became the first company in the world who had got investment from Google, Facebook and Microsoft.
  4. In India, 5G network system is arriving shortly . Reliance Jio could become the biggest platform for the commencement of 5G network in India... Like 4G network system, Reliance Jio could become the most used company of India.
  5. Reliance Industries overtook EXXON to become world's number 2 energy company. Only Saudi Aramco is above from Reliance in the list . Reliance Industries Ltd. is the biggest petroleum production company of India.
Ambani Family has a share of approx 3.1 billion in RIL which is 46.32% of the total shares whereas the remaining 53.68% shares are held by public shareholders, including FII and complete bodies. The net worth of Mukesh Ambani is 81.6 billion USD  which is equal to 5.78 lakh crore Indian rupees. 

In the end, I want to conclude that Mukesh Ambani is the ideal for all the new entrepreneurs. I think  every entrepreneur wants to become like him . His father Dhirubhai set an example for the people who wants to do startups. In a recent chat with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella,  Ambani shared that his father founded Reliance 40 years ago as a startup with one table and one chair.  Ambani also said that; 
 Every shopkeeper and entrepreneur in India can become Dhirubhai Ambani one day.


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