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The downfall of the economy, saving your life from others, mental stress, the exodus of workers, empty stomach...
Empty roads, better air quality, cleaner river water, a lot of time for ourselves, a chance for fresh restart, developing skills....

What’s your definition of Lockdown?


Since January, many people from different parts of the world have been living in this condition. For some, it is time to try new recipes of food and for some, it is for serving their nation by helping people to save their life and maintaining discipline throughout the nation being selfless.

This much diversity in our life is being witnessed by us only because of a tiny creature, more precisely virus, which was names by scientists as SARS-COV-2.

I remember, some decades earlier people were afraid of atomic weapons which were used in the second world war in Japan. But this tiny creature neither looks like that atomic bomb nor it causes any damage if compared with these weapons.

But since last 5 months, this virus has damaged the lives of people, the number of whom is many times greater than those people who were affected by those bombs.

These facts show the severity of this situation.

But stop,
before you make any opinion on this situation I want to show you the other side of this coin.

At this moment, about 31% of people are cured and many are in this queue. This shows that humans have an inbuilt safety system. Once you get access to this security system, this virus is nothing before you.
People call this weapon as “immunity”,  stronger the immunity, stronger will be your chances to defeat this virus. people use different methods to be the leader of their life, but for many groups of people, Ayurveda and Yoga help them to win this battle.


From the above lines, I just want you to know that our situations make the definition of the events of our life. So, before making any definition go through both sides of the coin.

At last, I want to know what's your definition of lockdown  ???


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