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As you are excited after reading the title “Take a skill pill”.

Exactly, it’s a high time to take a skill pill, an opportunity to put your skills in the right direction, at the right place and upgrade them.

Today, the young generation keep themselves indulged in various activities which might or might not make them productive. Sometimes they tend to waste a lot of their valuable time, of course it seems to be the best way to kill your time but take a look at your precious time. A famous proverb says “A stitch in time saves nine” and it’s a right time to make that stitch-Now or Never.

Take a deep breath, and think what are you doing…Is it really killing your invaluable time?

If the answer is yes then this column is for you.

1.  Discovering your skills

 Firstly, spend some time to think upon what exactly do you like to do, example – “I like to watch movies” or “I like to play games on mobile” blah.. blah.. blah.

Then try to decide how can I use them for my own profit.

Take the first example to understand, If I like to watch movies then I might have some perspective related to it that I believe is unique, so I can review that movie on internet in any social media platform like YouTube, Facebook etc.

The question then arises- What if no one would see my work? What if all my hard work go in vain?

Right, you are absolutely right it might be a waste but, aren’t you doing the same sitting idle?

You are simply wasting more time posting your photos, updating unnecessary status and getting indulged in others’ activities. Appreciating other’s work is good but why don’t you try to build one?

You can even earn and get fame through it (oh!! you could be an influencer :P); intellectuals use their skills to build their start-ups and earn.

I think it’s enough; I’ve said too much of it.

2.  The book of perspective:

Yes, the novels (be if fictional or non-fictional) are considered as the best source of getting different views of the people on different subjects, this is the reason I believe it as the book of perspective. Novels not only improve your reading and communication skills but it also helps you to build your own thoughts and perspective, people who reads a lot spend their time wisely. Many CEO’s around the world are vivid readers.  And if you are already a bookworm then try to review those novels and books on social media.

Walt Disney once said: “The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing”.

This pandemic situation is giving you enough time to invest on yourself which will help you reap the benefits in the coming time.

 So let’s take a skill pill and chill ;)



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