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Morden day world is build upon ideas. Every thing that runs the world today from a Multinational Company to a small scale industry was once an idea, the idea which was build on to produce something that no one thought was even possible at that time.
What is startup? 

Startup is something which is born from your idea. It actually is a starting phase of a company where you experiment with your idea to improve it and put it out in the practical world. You can see it as the first step to bring out your work into the market. It requires a lot of hardwork and time to do so.
It doesn't have to be new every time, sometimes a better version of an old idea works.
Is this the best time to act on it ?

This pandemic situation that is going on in the world has left us all with a lot of time to think and if you would have given it a thought you would have known it is actually the best time to build upon your idea and slide into next phase.
              With all this time in your hand it is a great opportunity to work on your company/idea and take it to the next level.
The next level includes making minimum viable product to the scalable project. 
Not only the startups but also medium and small scale companies could benefit from this situation.
              After the cooldown of this situation there is going to be lot of unemployed skilled and unskilled labours looking for work which could easily be a plus point for small scale companies to grow. 

Its actually a time to act upon, learn, implement and grow.
Procrastinating things will never lead you in the forward direction but it holds you back.
So just go for it.

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To know about the opportunities provided by the government of india in order to encourage the ideas of startups.
Take a look at Ministry of MSME (@minmsme):


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