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Today,the world is fighting its third world war with covid-19.Whole world is in rest since 3 months and how long this will go???.

We know that nobody is there to answer that question that upto how long Corona will survive.

India the one of the strongest country with high population,talented doctors and others who helped to  fight against covid-19 have done their best to help people.

But the condition of India is becoming worst day-by-day.The number of cases increasing and going to its peak regularly

Upto how long their will be stanch  in economic movement?

How long schools and colleges will be kept shut??

So one of the biggest challenge is that how to live with Corona.

First thing is that when we decide to fight against anything we have to study it properly,how it can harm us,weapons required to fight against that and other things .

 And to fight against covid certain things we have follow:-

 Soon we have to start all the activities because without economic and proper guidance we can't fight against covid-19.

Whenever we go outside our home for work or buying essential goods  we have to think that we have to fight with Corona also so that when we return home we feel healthy and safe.


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