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Hope you have read the article-"Skill pill". Everyone is living with a question mark. Hard workers are losing hope of any kind of opportunity. All are working on improving their skills or developing a new one. 

But again, What if there comes a structural reform in their field? They will have to again invest time to stand up on the new eligibility criteria. What if I tell you How the Bowler is going to Bowl? No doubt your victory is assured. 

The post COVID world will be flooded with opportunities specially for creative, problem solving and executive minds who are future of the "STARTUP WORLD". 

Do COVID-19 affect these minds? 

No, these curious minds do not have excuses. We all can see how IITian students came up with foot operable machine for sanitizer, few came up with drones to Patrol & Home delivery of stuffs, some students invented equipments for frontline corona warriors. It's all about your problem understanding and solving capability.  

Covid will definitely fuel the coming era of innovation. 

Let's look at history. Whenever any country has seen dark days, whether it is economic crisis or pandamic, after that country has progressed. 2002-2004 Pendamic boosted then small company called "Ali Baba". 2008 crisis enhanced Nexon in Asia and king in West.

So have a patience. Everything come with a by product. Don't be result oriented. Just focus on hardwork and dedication.

Past COVID-19 will have different consumer behaviour. The Global supply chain would be impacted. Countries would try and boost manufacturing within their border and eventually try to minimize import bill. India's Atmanirbhar bharat plan is best example to explain. All you need to do is 

  1. Integrating Product's Design.
  2. Managing Resources and Money.
  3. Play 20-20, Not Test Matches.
  4. Apply more Strategies and Tactics.
  5. Everlasting and 24×7 Services.
So pull up your socks. Get ready to be the face of startup, Innovate, Solve problems, Make it accessible to all, Focus on Targeted customer and be Passionate. We all are waiting for a cyclone/floods of startups.

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