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I am an engineering student. Just Rattling down "Shivani's" hours before exam and wasting for a 3.2 lakh package. Right ? Sorry I am not that but yes lakhs are!

Although Covid-19 has lots of consequences but 1 major benifit is the eye opening of our punctured education system which has never been given importance infact has been neglected in the so called political rivalries. And since 34 years we haven't seen any major reform in the process which grooms our future.

But yes ,This government has come with new " The National Education Policy 2020" which provides correct spices & ingredients with the right recipe to cook our future. " What we make of it depends on us". It has taken India's deprivation to development.It addresses the entire gamut of education.

We have faced unprecedented challenges in providing quality education . Faced lack of Resources, capacity, Dozens of mother tongues and proper infrastructure plus extensive mismatch between knowledge & skill. 

Let me share an incident , once an American Diplomat met an Indian and they were going on bike . It's the story of late 70's. The bike got some glitch and they and they got stuck in the mid of Road.

Indian:- " We will walk to the next petrol pump"
American:- " Wait let me check" and he cleared the spark.
Indian:- " Are you an Engineer?"
American:- " No! I am an American!" 
This conversation shows that our Education system do not allow and teaches us to work with hands.

But the new 5+3+3+4 system, availability of freedom to choose any subject, 6% allocation , multi-Disciplinary approach, and many more such initiatives are worth to be praised and gives everything which any part of Education system requires. It creates a temptation for those out of education . If public & political will can be mustered, Resources will find their way .

Drastic change deserves standing ovation we must focus 'IMPLEMENTATION'

       Be consistent with
   " मनसा "वाचा " & " कर्मा "


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  1. Although Govt. Will work willingly but it's your duty as well to contribute.


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