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 When the world's largest democracy the USA was waiting for their Presidential elections result somewhere in the South Asia, the world's most populated democracy India was relaxed because despite the Democrat or the republican whosoever takes the charge of USA the green wave in the bulls rally was eventual in India. Investments specially  F.I.I ( Foreign Institutions Investers) was for sure because stable the government better the investments. 

Amid tight USA presidential election race Nifty grew by 1.8 % with all the 10 constituents advancing. S&P BSE Sensex gained 355 points, N.S.E Nifty ended at 11,908.5 ie. Up by 95 points. S&P BSE Midcap index too ended up high. 

 These are just short living numbers. We must fix one thing in our mind 'MONEY IS DIRT' it will come and go, rise and fall but your hard work patience and knowledge Will never go in vain.

But why does election in country of 33 crore people affects world's economies and relations specially India's whose population is x100 to that of America's! 

America is a country of all power be it military or economy or International relations or IT sector! From the beginning the nature of USA is to lead countries across the globe.

It's the motherland of Revolutionary invention and scientists like Albert, Einstein, Edison, Tesla. 

It is home to big it Giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft! 

The country with this dynamic characteristics was in isolation or say in its say in its weakest form prior 2020 elections. Country like China utilised this time to set up their Monopoly and war specifically in the USA's allies. But you know "Dad will be Dad". Without any second thought USA went on cold war with China which eventually engaged China for some time. 

When the whole world was held by covid-19, the U.S.A topped the list having around 2.5 lakh deaths till now and crores of people being infected by the virus  and country have to face criticism from all around the world. But you know, when everyone knows that on Vaccine is the solution to fight this virus and scientists and doctors are struggle to get it It's the American Pfizer and Moderna claiming 90℅+ efficacy in clinical trials! The USA's Pharma and biotech giants. 

 All in all whatever happens in that 4 million square miles which is world's largest democracy biggest economy toughest military affects the countries on the map.

 USA continues to maintain good relation with India. Reason being lakhs of Indian are Blue Collar workers in USA  who contributes to its economy as well as the society. $8 billion  is added to the America's economy by 2 lakh Indian students every year. 

What are you waiting for! just observe your surrounding analyse the problems get the solutions before another Bill Gates or Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg get it done because the reason behind the growth of the USA is the will to solve and  not to adjust +dare to take risks! 

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