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The year 2020 is full of surprises. Starting from the conversion of covid-19 into a pandemic to the fall of India’s GDP and I think there's more to come.
But this year also showed the power of agriculture in India too. Today when due to many difficulties that come in front of Indian farmers (including inflation and lack of an effective and modern way of doing farming), maximum farmers want to shift their occupation from agriculture to other easier way of living, we have seen the support of agriculture to India’s GDP which saved it from its century’s highest fall.

Since when humans started to do agriculture, it helped in sustaining human civilization but now when foreign countries have gained mastery in agriculture, Indian farmers don't want their children to opt for agriculture. Indian startups are mainly focused on business based on providing service. There is nothing bad in going with the service sector but a problem arises when a nation economy does not focus on automation and further development of agriculture.

There are many parts of India where their farmer is doing farming in the way which are being in use since primitive times. There is no problem here either but the main problem arises when in a race to fulfill the demand of millions of people of India and the world then they knowing or unknowing putting so much pressure on the soil that it can lose its fertility in the coming few decades. If such a thing happens then how will we survive by providing only services? The same is happening with freshwater, due to poor management and ill bills of Indian Government whole nation is in danger of water scarcity. 

But here also there is another side of this shifting of startups and professions from agriculture to other. There are some people who use modern-day technology in modernizing and automating agriculture. Due to them there is still hope that this young generation of India will put an eye on the tremendous opportunity hidden in agriculture and by virtue of this hope many entrepreneurs have started evaluating the concept of startups based on agriculture. 

Sudhanshu Kumar of District Samstipur, Bihar is one of them and he had seen the huge success that was hidden in agriculture, and with the assistance of technology and his brother Himanshu Kumar had made his many Acres of farmland fully automated with modern-day equipment the help of Government subsidies. With this, he has increased his annual turnover from Rs. 25000 in the 1990s to Rs. 80,00,000 in 2019.

Tejasvi Dogra, a 26-year-old lawyer learned coding and programming and made his farm into a full apple device operated 26 Acre smart farm called Smrithi Bagh within just Rs 60000 which is situated in Himachal’s Maraog valley. This farm is India’s first smart apple orchard. He uses to operate his farm from Shimla which is about 100km far from his smart farm with just an Apple device. He can control the system of irrigation, pesticides. 

These are just 2 examples of smart agricultural startups. If we are not shifting our focus on doing a startup based on the service sector to Agriculture then we are losing a good chance of taking advantage of agriculture and which can also result in the breakdown of the food supply chain. 

As we have witnessed that with primitive ways of farming, our farmers can save our lives and our nation’s GDP then imagine the day which is not far when India will become an agriculture hub for the rest of the world with the help of right startups, acts, and technologies.

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