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 He launched four astronaut into the space, Monday made his day, his company Tesla Inc.(known for it's electric cars) was named for inclusion in the S&P 500 index and will enter on Dec. 21

At the age of 49 he become world's third richest person surpassed Zuckerberg.

In the after hour trading , Tesla surged around 15% on Monday from $7.6 billion to $109.7 billion according to the B.B Index

Personal wealth jumped to $82.2 billion this year  Car, Roadster, Space, Tesla, Elon Musk

To qualify maximum payout , he need to build the company into $650 billon by 2028.

but he only owned 20% of tesla shares, the only people in the world richer than Elon is Amazon's founder 

Jeff Bezos $184 billion to Microsoft's founder Bill Gates $124 billion , Gates has given $50 billion to tackle poverty and diseases.

On Saturday he tweeted that he had a moderate case of COVID-19 and had a symptoms of "minor cold"

next Sunday he tweeted that he had no such symptoms. and four astronauts launched into the space.

Some Entrepreneurs believe that the sudden growth might effect Tesla's future growth,

Lets see. will it fail or survive

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