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   Here, we talk about a perfect and passionate entrepreneur Richard Cooper.

    He is Producer & Host  at Entrepreneurs in Cars.
He is also Founder & CEO of
He is self-care advocate and purveyor of cold hard truth.

In 2014 Cooper launched a Youtube Channel mashing up his passion for entrepreneurship and cars.

A few years later Richard's channel has become a runaway underground hit with 13+ million views and 100,000+ subscribers by helping men understand the truth about money, self-care and intersexual dynamics.

4 Lessons Learned from Entrepreneurs in cars :-

▪ fulfill your own need, and if other people want what you are doing. Sell it to them.

Never give up, pound the pavement, be relentless.

▪ If people want something that doesn't exist, and make it, and give it to them.

▪ Treat picking a business partner, like you would treat picking your wife.


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