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  • Welcome back to Scoobynel. In this blog, I am going throw some light on one of the most complicated problems of the Indian market. 

  • Since the GDP of our nation is at its lowest point since Independence, then as an entrepreneur it should be our priority to find solutions to empower every citizen so that our nation can recover to its best height. 

  • In our country, the rate of unemployment is rising at a tremendous speed. Besides the government’s role, the reason behind this much hike in the unemployment rate is because a lot of people think only of taking jobs, and a very small number is actually creating jobs.  

  • These days the agriculture sector is very much in news because of the new bills which were passed in this session of Parliament. 

In the past, India's GDP was so high that it was called a Golden Bird. 
This was possible due to the great performance in the agriculture and art sectors. 
Since the revolution had been shifted from agricultural to industrial many other countries emerged as new economies that were greater than India's. But after Independence India is still struggling to match the height of agricultural sectors of other developed countries. 

Farmers are getting poorer and several are committing suicide due to increasing debts.
To counter these problems several bills were passed in our Parliament.
The latest bills are surrounded by the opposition party and a ton of criticism and in addition to this several protests can also be seen on roads as well as on the internet. 
The government, who made these bills claims that these bills are historic in nature and cut the middlemen who act as a kind of barrier between farmers and consumers. 

The same kind of practice was done by Tribhuvan Das with the guidance of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel who convinced Dr. Verghese Kurien (who further became the father of the white revolution in India) to stay and help this mission. 
  • Those days, India was a milk deficit country and was importing milk from countries like New Zealand. The price was hiking and in addition to this, the milk producers and the dairy workers were not getting the right price of the milk which was produced by them. 

  • source: Wikipedia

  • Here comes Dr. Kurien who brought a drastic change in the life of the farmers.  

  • He made a structure that collects milk from farmers and after processing the collected milk, it was sold in the market at a good price. 

  • In this way, farmers were getting a good price for their products.  

  • Later he named this cooperative brand AMUL. 

  • Starting from about 300 liters of milk, today AMUL collects on an average about 3.3 million per day and helped India to become the largest milk-producing country of the world from a milk deficit country. 

  • AMUL made farmers the backbone of their company. 

  • This era needs several numbers of companies like AMUL whose aim should be empowering Indian farmers to make a historic change in our agricultural industry. And in this way, those farm bills will be proven as a game-changer of this era. Otherwise, several cooperative industries are present already whose prior aim is to make money, and for this, if they have to exploit farmers, they possibly do with great convenience and a similar condition we can see in our telecom sector. 

  • So entrepreneurs take a look at starting anything with an aim to empower the weaker and worthy section of our country in order to counter inequality between our people which is increasing every day. 

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