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Innovation when mixed with strategies and right amount of effort doesn't take much time to storm the market and blow people's mind. Here are some unique startups that you might not know about which are growing and soon will take the market by storm.


This company allows you to rent designer clothing. Unique, right? This startup was founded in 2015. The idea was loved so much by investors that they have raised over 7 million since then.

‍Founded In: 2015

Offices In: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Total Funding: $10.7

The Minimalist

One of the most successful startups Minimalist is a design and consulting agency that helps brands create their growth strategy, design, and communication as well. They are most known for their unique minimalist creative philosophy and viral impact in digital media.

Founded In: 2015

Offices In: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Total Funding: Not disclosed


Razorpay is the only payments solution in India which allows businesses to accept, process and disburse payments with its user-friendly product suite to all companies from startups to large enterprises.

Founded In: 2013

Offices In: Bangalore, Karnataka

Total Funding: $31.7 Million


Schbang is a digital marketing agency that has worked with well-known brands such as Hot Wheels, Amazon Fashion, and Raw Pressery. They offer more services than your average agency ranging from, Search Engine Optimization, Technology, Design, Video Production, Photography, Media Planning & Buying, Influencer Management, and PR.

Founded In: 2015

Offices In: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Total Funding: Not disclosed


MilkBasket is India's first subscription-based micro-delivery service fulfilling daily grocery and household needs of customers every morning.

Founded In: 2015

Offices In: Gurgaon, Haryana

Total Funding: $19.4 Million

By taking a look at there growth rates you can easily infer that there is a lot of scope for ideas and innovation in indian market, you can learn and grow by monitoring and observing the companies above you.

The top Indian startups are a result of persistence. Despite naysayers, the best business owners went for what they believed in every time. You may wonder how this is possible. It can be done by having complete faith in your ability and believe that your idea will go far. You need to trust the people around you and have confidence that they will take your business in the right direction.

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