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As we all know that PUBG, one of India's most famous online royal battlefield games is one of the 118 mostly-Chinese mobile applications that were banned by the Government of India in another retort to a fresh round of border confrontation with China in eastern Ladakh. In order to give reasons behind this ban, in a statement, the Ministry of Electronics and Information and Technology said the apps were banned as "they are engaged in activities prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defense of India, the security of the state and public order"Here is the full list of 118 banned mostly Chinese apps 

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During the coronavirus lockdown, PUBG mobile went for a massive rise in its market value which also gave Indian gaming content creators a fair chance of live streaming of these games and for making money.


The drama, seriousness, excitement ties the players with this game and sometimes it leads to its addiction. Several cases have been reported in which due to its addiction many kinds of fatal accidents, illegal and criminal activities occurred in the past. 

Five things to know about the India-China border standoff | India News | Al  Jazeera

The game that went to worldwide popularity, became controversial when players, parents, and school and college teachers discovered its addictive nature, which even took a medical turn in some cases due to the excessive time spent on the game. This leads to make PUBG banned several times but only for these reasons, it is not possible in a democratic country to interfere in people's lives since it is attached to a good number of citizens.

But this time all conditions turned in favor of the BAN. Some say that it is due to the Indo-China stand-off and some talk about the economic opportunity which has come with this BAN.

With the increasing number of internet users, the number of online gamers is also increasing with the pace, and with this, the Indigenous gaming industry is also flourishing day by day. With this ban, the indigenous game making companies and developers got a wonderful opportunity to grab the pre-built PUBG players market which can be proved ease to boost their business.

Face and move on-

For many gamers PUBG has become their extracurricular activity and banning it became a kind of challenge for them. Some of these players felt deep sorrow after the BAN. But I think they may soon become aware of the positive side of this BAN and will come to know that how this game was stealing their precious time and money from them which could be used for their own development. As India is one of the fastest-growing economies since the last couple of decades, more enthusiastic and creative people are required to make this pace of development to its next level and if the childhood of these young citizens is being continued to be snatched by the addiction of these kinds of games then this can adversely affect the growth of the nation in near future.

 "While the stress is to become 'Atmanirbhar' I believe this is a great opportunity for the government and the Ministry of Sports to also recognise Esports as a medal-prospect sporting opportunity. The gaming community which is fragmented currently can also benefit if government recognition is given to the sport," Suji (ESports federation in India Director) said.

Government of India is taking care to make this plan sustainable more widely. "I have an appeal to my young friends and start-ups- can we make traditional indoor games popular?" the PMO's Twitter handle posted. He spoke about the same on Mann Ki Baat. "There is a new opportunity for our youth and start-ups here - indoor board games," he said, adding that there was a need to rethink and repackage traditional Indian indoor games or board games to make them interesting for the youth.

He added that the move will not only help start-ups and suppliers of board games and related items but also give a push to "local" traditions and enterprise which will be in keeping with the government's vision for an 'Atmanirbhar Bharat'.

So, in the end, I want to say that if you are a PUBG gamer, a game developer, or want to develop games, then this is a golden opportunity for you to focus on what is best for you.

I believe this blog has helped you to see what is important for you and for our nation, but if still, you have any doubt then do feel free to ask Scoobynel for the solution of your doubt. Till then stay tuned with Scoobynel.


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