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Competition, have you ever heard about it? It is not just a word but after listening this word, The spirit of the people who has been doing something special starts trembling. This should be obvious because people find it most dangerous that the person in front of me is equal or has overtaken me.

Does this word only creates difficulty in business or also have some advantages. In this journal we will discuss about competition and how to overcome fear of competition, what steps can be taken to allocate competition in business?

Competition word arises between two or more people or organisations who try to achieve same goal, even there motive can be different. These people or organisations together called as competitors. In the race of competition all sides tries to attain a specific position which can be attained by a single side only. This competitive spirit drives their mindset to constantly innovate.

Today, there is a common thing which arises in everyone's mind while starting up a business and that is agitation of competition. Most of the people thinks that where we can start and contrive our business, How much competition is there in this field?  This fear often enables the entrepreneurs to overthink and in most of the cases, they lose their right track. 

How we can conquer the fear of Competition:

For every entrepreneur, it is one of the common problem that happens with them. For the solution of the fear problems, here I am mentioning some points.
Beyond fear, there is victory.
  • Entrepreneurs should just concentrate on the actions which they are going to take instead of thinking more about all other circumstances.
  • They can enhance their practice skills and should strive to make their product more and more effective.
  • Before starting a business, they should think more about the problems of the common man that occurs in the everyday's life and they should try to solve these problems by innovating their business, from doing this they can distract their mind from the fear.

Steps can be taken to deal with competition:

By taking some fine steps we can deal with competition because competition is the necessary thing which should be there for making us creative. Competition makes us to think more and more and this results into the invention and discoveries. As we talk about business these steps could be taken.
  • Entrepreneurs should always try to do something different from others means they have to do some extraordinary works.
  • There is no limit of adventures and creativity, so for the taking a stand in the race of competition one should be always built new and creative things, otherwise the competitors will overtake us with their new techniques.
  • Until and Unless you have not done some work on your Ideas don't share it anywhere even with your most beloved friends and family, because idea might be theft by anyone .
  • Don't take too much time in taking tough calls because your idea may become old if you take too much time and your plan may fail. If you have even done with 70% with your plan then bring down into the market.
  • Treat your customer as a deity and yourself as a devotee of the costumer means you have to fulfill each and every demands of your costumer.

Advantages of Competition:

Every coin has two aspects, one is good and another is bad, this condition also applies on the Competition. As it creats difficulty to the new entrepreneurs but it also makes them strong and hard worker. There are several advantages of competition on which we are going to talk about :
  • Competition makes people to do hard and smart works which results into the growth and innovation.
  • Competition always supports perfection towards any kind of work. Everyone wants to do their work perfectly.
  • It makes people to keep learning forever as Competition always keeps on growing. 
  • Competition teaches us to become a person who always tries to run behind the quality development rather than the success because success is the tail of quality.
Without competition the life will be boring because it sets a goal for the life and it dedicates everyone to set an aim for their life. Competition is not that thing which is going to vanish but if you have to survive in the world of development you have to learn about the dealing of the competition. All the great men who have reached at the heights of the life did not done in one or two days, they constantly done their work and beaten the competative life. 
"Becoming number one is easier than remaining number one."

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