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Entrepreneur without parents money(Real strategies exposed)

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In this blog we will be discussing how to generate money of your own, so that you can invest without asking your family's money, why am I saying this because in this lock-down i have earned 1000$ without investing a single penny.

is this only about earning money?. Nope, money is not every thing , you need money to grow your business and believe me if you don't want to do business then you can carry out the following steps to make it a full time job.

before starting this i would say that there is nothing like free money or money without 
skills but there can be more money or instant money in a little work but that instant money will be hazardous.
here i'll discuss some of the highest earning with less effort, with no prior knowledge and skills and these are genuine and safe. 


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Yes, you heard that right you can do freelancing without having any prior skill 
currently, most of the people are connecting each others in freelancing.

Suppose, you came to a freelancing site and you are unable to find the right person to do your work with feasible rate and quality. 
in such case the connector comes into play they will send your requests to the most recent freelancers those who want to earn in their recent period of time, the connectors then assigns a work to some new freelancers and from their they earn money by taking commissions, 
I'll will recommend you to do this as early as you can because their are many such people out there,  and they will not waste a single second to do it.

2.Buying Consulting services.

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Yes, you can provide consulting in the field of buying products.
so how can you start?, you should start this with your family and friends provide them with the best consulting of how they can buy, which products they need for particular work. 
starting with your friends and family will give you the confidence and you can learn through mistakes in between your peoples.

"Always remember dream should be high but start should be small" - Scoobynel

3.Social Media handler.

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Yes i know that you have already heard about that but let me tell you the secrets of doing this how you can be the best among all .


make your account in just three platforms not more than that because you will face difficulty while handling more than three and at first the people will not follow and they will not be ready to give you to handle your account.


try to handle account of your family or any family friends and try to convince them as they are the easiest target to start a business ;)

 try to find those people in your house who are busy in their work and are not able to handle their account,


minimize your price for your new customers not to your family but yes to the family friends and first try to give good impressions on them and scale your business and then you can increase your price

but remember! whenever you increase your price try to add at least one extra feature to your content this will give great impact on others as they don't only want experienced handlers but also the new feature they added, this shows the dedication in them.

Through this you can earn money and invest in the future of your entrepreneurship.
because people always wanted to do entrepreneurship and when they have the ideas they don't have any money to invest or they borrow the money from their friends and family 
but remember 

Remember, famous and success entrepreneurs starts from family.

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