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I had taken part in a convention of a very famous billionaire of India in March 2020. I thought he is one of the most affluent person in the world but I got astonished after researching about the top billionaires of the world. I realised that the person I met was like an ant in front of elephants. Afterwards, a question got arisen in my mind that who is the richest person of the world? Then, after a few weeks of intense study, I came to know that Jeff Bezos is the most moneyed person in the world.

Although, Jeff Bezos is an American businessman, internet entrepreneur and investor but his world-renowned stardom is all about as founder and CEO of the very popular multi-national technology company Amazon. Jeffrey Preston Bezos was born on 12 January 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States, to a lower middle class family, so his childhood did not go well due to the family's financial constraints. 

His life was completely filled with struggles, when he was only four years old, his father left him. His mother married second time. His childhood passed without parental love. When Mother was married second, he was raised with his maternal grandfather. But there is a popular quote given by Bruce Lee  is  :-
"To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities."
Bezos proved it correct as he was topper in the studies and always keep doing some extraordinary things. Bezos always used to open things in the house and tried to keep them folded in the same way, sometimes things could get connected and sometimes it went wrong. But this passion inspired him to set up a high-end company like Amazon.

Journey for the set up of Amazon:-

After the completion of graduation from Princeton University, New Jersey, in 1986 with a degree of electrical engineering and computer science engineering, he started a job of making of the networks for a company named FITEL . He did a very hard work in a newly founded hedge fund, D.E. Shaw & Co. till 1994 and reached at the post of senior vice-president in a early age of 30 only. After struggling for a long period of time, Bezos travelled long distances from New York to Seattle in 1994, with a great and innovative  idea of setting up a new startup,  named Amazon. Bezos invested only 2,50,000 dollars for establishment of Amazon. 

After many years of hard struggle, Bezos defiance and dedication forced success to kiss his footsteps. As a result, Amazon developed continuously and became one of the largest companies in the world.  Bezos owns about 11.1% of Amazon's shares and the rest of the shares are distributed among different individuals and institutions. Recently, Amazon is declared as BrandZ Most Valuable Global Brand, 2019-2020. 

More recently, Bezos has become the only person in the world to cross $ 200 million in assets. In the graph of richest person in the world, we can see that Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft), has a  property almost equal to the half of Bezos, so this picture is enough for telling us the truth of achievements of Bezos. According to the Forbes report of 2020, Bezos has a total wealth of approx 200 million dollars.

Bezos's total wealth is more than the GDP of about 125 countries. Bezos has invested in many big companies like Google, Uber, twitter, workday etc. Apart from it, in the list of companies having highest market value Apple is the only company above the list from Amazon. 

Why Bezos is always been a topper from very starting?

  • Bezos's approach has always been far-fetched. According to him, if there is a benefit in the future, then there is no problem in bearing a little loss in present.
  • Bezos always preferred innovation rather than the following someone this quality makes Bezos different from others.
  • Always tries to make things easier for the employers working in his company and for the costumers who purchases product from him. Bezos wants that every employer working in his  company should behave like a leader .
  • Bezos believes more in the quality production and advertisement always comes second in his view.
  • Bezos never trusts in overthinking, because overthinking decreases the efficiency of the work and also it also spreads negativity around us.

Above mentioned points differentiates Bezos from others. Bezos mindset is the only reason for the Amazon being so much developed. Amazon prime is the result of the Bezos's intelligence and it is considered as a huge success. Amazon also provides a lot of services such as Amazon kindle, Amazon game studios, Amazon music, Amazon web services, Amazon wireless and many more.

In the end, I want to predict something about the future of Amazon. Amazon may have to face many challenges as his competitors are increasing rapidly. It is the era of Amazon but after a specific period of time creativity will change the scinerio. For a bright future, Amazon should think innovative and should try to hire brilliant minds.  

There is a famous thought which shows the mentality of world's richest man-:
"Piense en grande, incluso si hoy parece imposible."                       - Jeff Bezos

          Which means 

     Think big, even if today seems impossible.
                                                                    - JEFF BEZOS

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