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For past few decades Artificial intelligence is emerging as the most useful form of technology in all sectors  be it Education , Health care , Research and Development, Retail shopping and fashion , Manufacturing and production and many more , the modern use of AI came into existence in 1950s but it took many years for the improvising the practical use of it , and we are still working for the betterment and making it a technological reality

Examples of Artificial intelligence 

● Deep Learning
● Computer Vision
● machine learning
● Robotic Process Automation
● Speech recognition

Businesses and Startups these days are hugely focusing on use of Artificial intelligence for optimizing their productivity, business management, proper use of resources and maximising the profit

In business artificial intelligence has a wide range of uses. In fact, most of us interact with artificial intelligence in some form or another on a daily basis
If you want to scale up your business you must learn about the use of these  AI technologies in businesses today

1.Prediction of consumer behavior and product recommendations :

We all have seen how we search one product say a tshirt on Amazon/Flipkart
and automatically all the social media and other platforms starts recommending the same products
Also we have seen many posts on social media saying " based on the post you have interacted with " , well all of this works on AI technology and helps the businesses to forecast consumer behavior and run data based campaigns , which helps in targeting the particular audience for the service /product

2. Data management and optimize logistics :

Businesses and Startups depends upon data and it's analysis for taking important decisions , there are many types of data in a particular business , this data is first collected then processed and then transferred to various sector of the business .AI here can be used to fill forms ,transfer and cross reference files , prevent frauds and improve cybersecurity thus helping the business overall

3. Production management :

Product oriented startups and companies uses AI platforms for the management of their products , and thus finding out the ways to maximize the sell and minimize the wastage of resources , use of deep learning and machine learning to enhance , improve , create and shape products .Nest , Tesla autopilot are used for such purposes

4.  Marketing and Advertising :

Tracking user behavior with help of AI
not only helps in targeting the right audience but also automate many routine management tasks , running social media marketing campaigns and many more which helps alot in the growth business

5. Computer Vision :

This type of AI technologies engages the computer programs to visualize and analyze a image , this helps in analyzing what a particular picture is about , which can be useful in many fields such as transportation etc

Following are some companies working in the field of Artificial intelligence
Tempus , Datarobot , Freenome , Cloud minds , Sift Science,  Open AI , Sound Hound,  zoox

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