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 Amazon owned autonomous vehicle firm, Zoox, has unveiled an electric autonomous Robo-Taxi (self-driving taxi or driverless taxi ).

About Zoox: 

Zoox is an American Autonomous Vehicle company headquartered in California, founded in 2014, which is then acquired by the Amazon on 26 June 2020 for over $1.2 billion.

Zoox was founded with the aim to acquire Robo-Taxi market.

Features of its new Robo-Taxi:

  • Recently it has unveiled it's BiDirectional Robo-Taxi, Bi-Directional means it can run forward as well as backward without taking a u-turn.
  • It is 3.6 meters long self-driving car which can run for 16 hours uninterrupted per charge at a speed of upto 120 kmph ( 75 miles per hour ) in both directions.
  • It uses 133 kilo-watt-hour batteries which is of larger capacity than that is used by Tesla (85 kWh).
  • It has 270 degrees field of view at each corner which cover overlapping view of 360 degrees, allowing it to consistently track objects near to it.
  • It has capacity of four passengers.

As a Competitor:

According to Bloomberg, Zoox plans to put it into circulation exclusively for public and private passenger transportation, making it a potential competition for companies like Uber and DiDi.

Although the date of when it will run on the streets is not confirmed, but it wouldn't happen in 2021.

It is currently testing the self-driving electric Robo-Taxi in San-Francisco & Foster City in California and in Las Vegas, NV.

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