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"Indian toy industries which which are worth 5000 to 6000 crores only occupies less than 25% of India's market, the rest is dominated by chinese toy industries."
                                              -Times Of India

We all know that the local toy market in India will fail if the chinese toy industries decides to pull out. With the production rate now and lack in new technologies it has become very difficult to meet the needs of the local market. 

These issues are raised due to current scenarios like tense Indo-China relationship, sudden increase in Import tarrif charges and pandemic  infused lock down.

Due to above mentioned issues the supplies from chinies toy industries has declined and more likely to go further down as the time goes by. We also cannot ignore the fact that during lock down as childeren are locked inside home the needs for toys now is more than ever. 

Due to these factors, in past three to four months there is about 25% surge in domestic demand for toys which the local market hai failed to fulfill. They are trying to meet this scenario by scaling up production but this sudden increase is very difficult to keep up with.

Another reason that comes to play here is the  unorganised sector in these industries. Sixty per cent of India’s 3,512 manufactures operate in the unorganised sector from small units with sometimes a few as five employees. They do not have sufficient capital to suddenly increase production.

Even the organised industries claims that they lack the equipment to make electric toys. For this, they need to import machines from South Korea and Japan and right now, they are way too expensive to get with heavy import taxes.

This has created an opening in indian toy market and encouraged young entrepreneurs in India to step up and invest in the Toy industries. They see the growth and profit which the toy market can give. Accounting the needs of the market and current circumstances toy industries in india is rapidly growing now more than ever.

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