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Coronavirus pandemic hiked the demand of products through online medium since in this pandemic everyone was suggested to stay at their home and avoid crowded markets and stores.

millions of new customers from small towns and cities switch to online platforms which has boosted the economic value of e-commerce companies.

Bengaluru based and Singapore registered company Flipkart is one of the leading E-Commerce company in India.

To make it further bigger Walmart's plan is to list Flipkart to US stock exchange.

If Flipkart's IPO (initial public offering) plans are successful then it will be the largest by a company based in India on overseas exchange.

Walmart's plan is to make 25% shares of Flipkart public which worths $10 Bn. 

Walmart Inc. has hired Goldman Sachs to explore an initial share sale of its Flipkart units in the US to raise $10 billion.

This will raise the value of Flipkart $40 billion.

In September, reuters had reported that Flipkart will go public in 2021. Walmart had pledged to take Flipkart public in the next four years after it bought a 77 % stake for $16 billion.

at present, Walmart owns 82.3 % stake in Flipkart since it raised $1.2 billion on Flipkart as the lead investor which further increase the value of Flipkart to $24.9 billion.

I also want to make you know that Flipkart's Indian entities are owned by Flipkart private limited, which was set up in October 2011 in Singapore. Flipkart, phone pe, E-kart are among those eight Indian companies that are owned by Singapore based Flipkart private limited.

This share sale will boost the Flipkart's business since Flipkart is facing one of the highest increase in customer demands of all time.

After Flipkart, Phone pe is also planning to go public by 2023. Phonepe is likely to list on a US exchange at a valuation of $10 billion.

This will aid Phone pe to get a readymade international market through Walmart.

How strange is that Flipkart being an Indian startup had registered itself in Singapore.e

Many people believe that the reason behind this is related with the ranking of India in the list of ease of doing business.

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