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 Over the several years, crypto currency has been swiftly aquiring the spotlight. Crypto currency is in high clamour because it is very effortless to use. It is valuable only because of Blockchain technology. The special thing is that it is not usually issued by any central authority.

What is crypto currency?

A crypto currency is a digital property sketched to work as a medium of interchange wherein discrete coin possession records are stowed in a archives existing form of computerized catalogue using strong cryptography to secure transaction documentation, to sway the investiture of additional coins and to confirm the convey of coin ownership.

The very first thing needed for the use of crypto currency is availability of internet and a device in which internet can be used. 

It is one of the safest mode of immediate transaction as it is fraud proof.  Along with it, you become the owner of your own payment means there is no need of any mediator between you and your payment.

It is easily approachable to you. The countdown of the top 5 crypto currencies are listed below-:

5. Litecoin 


Litecoin was released by Charlie Lee through an unhindered access consumer on GitHub in 2011. It is written in the c++ programming language. It works as a open source model.  The operating systems of the Litecoin are Windows, OS X, Linux, Android. It is similar to bitcoin as it is the copy of the Bitcoin codebase. The symbol of Litecoin is Ł'. and the ticker symbol is LTC. The value of one Litecoin is equals to 129.32  US Dollar or 9488.64 Indian Rupee. 

4. Tether


Tether was issued by the tether limited in the year 2014. It is an disputed crypto currency because the company is not succeeded in  dispensing a vowed inspect showing sufficient reserves for backing Tether. Tether has been linked to the Etherium network obstruction. The symbol of Tether is and the ticker symbol is USDT. The value of one Tether currency is equal to the 73.76  Indian rupee or approximately 1 US Dollar.

3. XRP (ripple)


Ripple was created by Ripple labs Inc. in 2012 . It also works on the open source model like Litecoin. It is also written in c++ programming language. The operating systems of the Ripple are LINUX (RHEL, CENT OS, Ubuntu) , Windows MacOS. It is a Currency exchange and a settlement network. It is a concurrent gross payment system.  The ticker symbol of the Ripple is XRP. The value of one XRP is equals to  0.198 US Dollar or approximately 17 Indian Rupee. 

2. Ethereum


Ethereum was firstly released in 2015 on a  white paper by Vitalik Buterin who was co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine. Ethereum is the mostly used Blockchain of the world and ranks second in the list of most capitalised crypto currency after Bitcoin. It works on a cross-platform operating system. It is written in the Go, Rust, C#, c++, Java and Python programming languages. The symbol of Ethereum is (Ξ) and the ticker symbol is ETH. The value of one Ethereum currency is equals to 718 US Dollars or 52644 Indian Rupee.

1. Bitcoin 


In 2008 Bitcoin crypto currency was issued by a group of people by the name Santoshi Nakamato. It was implemented in 2009 as a libre software. Bitcoin ranks first in the list of crypto currencies in the view of market capitalisation. It is the first crypto currency to embrace a dipersed network payment purpose in the Block-chains. It is written in the c++ programming language. The symbol of Bitcoin is '฿' and its ticker symbol is BTC. The value of one Bitcoin is equals to 26412 US Dollar or 19,32,640 Indian Rupee. 

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