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Signal, a messaging app which can be the next alternate app for Whatsapp.

The latest Whatsapp privacy policy put its millions of users in confusion. This policy asserts that Whatsapp will share some private information of its users with Facebook and its partner companies. The notification which contains this private policy seems to be very rude to many of its users, since, it says that if the user doesn't accept this privacy policy then they will not be able to use Whatsapp after 8th of February, this year.

After the whole Whatsapp disorder, other apps including Signal messaging app and Telegram are being suggested to be used instead of Whatsapp.

Whatsapp was developed by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009. Later it was acquired by Facebook in 2014 by paying $19 Billion. 

In February 2018, Brian Acton created a non-profit Signal Foundation with $50 Million with Moxie Marlinspike. Signal Messaging app comes under this platform which provides a secure platform for messaging.

Including CEO and founder of Space X and Tesla, Elon Musk, famous whistleblower Edward Snowden, CEO and founder of Paytm, Vijay Shekhar Sharma suggest to use Signal Messaging app in place of Whatsapp Messanger.

Due to this, the Signal app had faced a sudden rise in the number of its registered users. This makes Signal developers increase its server size to fit with the demand of people.

This app is equipped with end-to-end encryption which means your chat can be read by no one except the creators of those chats.

Since Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook by paying extremely huge money, Facebook wants to make a profit out of it. Facebook basically earns money by showing Ads to its user. Founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zukerburk wants to make WhatsApp which share its users' information to Facebook apps. 

How does Signal Messaging app make money?

Signal app neither links its users' any information nor shows ads in its app. Then how does it make money?

Actually Signal is a not for profit foundation which works on the donations given by its donors. Recently, Space X founder and CEO Elon Musk clarified in one of his tweets that he had donated to Signal a year ago and he is intending to donate more.

Brian focuses on increasing the number of its donors with its growing users. Since, Brian told NDTV that in future Signal will work on the donations, received by it, then it is very essential to increase the number of donors with its users.

 Thus the money required for the functioning of Signal depends on its donors.

Talking about the users' privacy policy, Facebook has clarified that the personal chats of its users are safe with end-to-end encryption. Whatsapp takes or wants to take information about the users' IP address, mobile number, Status, about, keywords from the chats, group name, group picture, group discussion, Payment or Business features etc. and share these with Facebook to aid them to show genuine ads to its users.

Unlike Whatsapp, Signal is completely a non-profit organization which concentrates only on the privacy and security of the users.

Many similar Whatsapp features are available in the Signal app too. After the recent tweet of Elon Musk, Signal found its place in the top 3 apps in Indian Google Playstore and in Global Apple AppStore.

As said by many eminent influencers and Scholars that Data is the new oil, many tech giants came to know its importance in making money and hence they are engaged in gathering more and more data from all of their servers of their own users. But all in this mayhem, Signal Messaging app appears as a sign of kind and not a profit-making company which has no deal with gathering data and showing ads but has an interest in providing better and secure apps for every citizen of the world.

Today's generation's Startups can learn a lesson from these not for profit startups to make an impact on their generation. Since many successful start-ups do not do anything for the ease of society but on the other hand, Signal foundation like startups show us that how after selling Whatapp to Facebook Brion Acton realise his mistake and came again to make such a platform which is free and secret for its users.


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