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We all are very much aware of the fact that Elon Musk owner of Tesla and SpaceX is now the world's richest man 
But do you know there's an Indian Company named Pravaig Dynamics  Pvt Ltd ,which is called Indian Tesla. Let's know more about Pravaig in this blog and understand the business of the company and it's recently launched car Extinction MK1 

Introduction Pravaig Dynamics Private Limited started around 9 years ago at Kukas, Jaipur. It was found by Dhawal Vinayak Khullar and Siddhartha Bagri. Now, the company is based at Bengaluru.

Why is Pravaig called Indian Tesla ?
Pravaig is the leading company in Indian Electric Automobile industry,  just like Tesla is at the global level. 
The company's shareholder and advisor, Ram Divedi, says the company has the backing of the Eren group from France, a company active in the field of renewable energy generation, mainly in wind and photovoltaic power supplies. For the EV venture, Pravaig has established a facility in Bengaluru. 

Why is pravaig trending now ?

The company has recently launched it's electric vehicle Extinction MK1, which is all set to replace the diesel/petrol engine cars , in upcoming few years.

Electric vehicles are the need of hour since the energy resources are very limited,  and fuel consumption causes heavy pollution. Though there are few electric mopeds and cars in the market . But either they are too costly or not practical for daily usage. 

And thus 99% of the vehicles we see on roads are fuel engine based .

Let's see what Extinction MK1 has to offer us , and how revolutionary will it proove for this industry and country 

About Extinction MK1

The electric car Extinction MK1 has been envisioned and designed by Dhawal Khullar. A passionate automobile engineer, he has also designed, engineered and created other cars/ vehicles.

Specification of the car : 
Extinction MK1
Business and Funding 

As mentioned early the company recieves it's major portion of funding from Eren group of France 
Yet the company supports 'Make in India ' drive , as claimed by Siddhartha Bagri , founder of the company that 90% material in the car has been manufactured in the county, and rest 10% components imported from Japan . The company has also said that their aim is to built 2500 cars per year for the Indian EV Market 
Initially MK1 will be launched only in major metro cities , and then other cities . 
The economic ecosystem thus made by the company is profitable and healthy 

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