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One day, I was traveling in a City Bus in Delhi .It was very discomfortable to travel in the public transports due to huge rush in buses. Beside this, the fare of the private taxis were so much that the common man could not afford to travel in it on regular basis. Not just me, there are many people like me are struggling with the same problem every day.

To overcome the issues of the common man the two youngsters Bhavish Agarwal & Ankit Bhati founded a startup in the year 2010. Yes, I am talking about one of the most successful startups of India, OLA. 

OLA acts a mediator between the taxi and the common man. Although Ola Cabs started a few years ago, but the way it has been successful, it is a praise of the ability. Due to its tremendous technology, it has spread all over India today.  

The founder of OLA Cabs Bhavish Agarwal completed his graduation from IIT Bombay in 2008 and worked in Microsoft India for 2 years. But the idea of ​​Ola Cabs came to Bhavish in 2010 when he was traveling in a taxi from Bangalore to Bandipur. And something happened that the taxi driver stopped the taxi and started asking for more money from the hired fare. And when he refused to pay more money to the taxi driver, the taxi driver drove him in the middle.

Bhavish had a bad experience with taxi and then they thought how many common people are unhappy with the services of taxi as it happened with them today. After this incident, Bhavish got the idea of ​​Ola Cabs in his mind. And it is said that if you have solved the problems of the people, then your startup will touch the great heights.

After that Bhavish also persuaded his friend Ankit Bhati to work on this concept.  Then both of them started working on it together. Initially, like all the parents, Bhavish's parents were not happy with his decision to leave the job but later when he got funding from Snapdeal, everything went back well.

Bhavish  believed that the idea is to have a lot of people but any startup needs to execute it properly to achieve success. Keeping this in view, he started his work on the principle of zero model, Under which he gave the opportunity to all the taxis to come and operate them all from the same platform.

Now every person who had a valid license to drive a vehicle could come and register their vehicle in OLA and at the same time OLA launched its strong online application, With the help of which any person, who has to go anywhere from his location, can make his booking right from home. 

It made easier to both the customers and the taxi drivers. Along with this, there is no question of looting more money because the amount that comes in the customer's phone comes in the same amount as the driver's phone.

With many more good features, OLA made his presence felt in the Indian cab business. According to the reports OLA has acquired about 60% of total cab market of India. OLA is just few years old company but looks like it has been working in between us from many years.

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