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VRIO is an initialism for the four question  asked about a resource or capability to determine its competitive potential: the question of Value, the question of Rarity, the question of Imitability (Ease/Difficulty to Imitate), and the question of Organization (ability to exploit the resource or capability).
We have already very well discussed about its introduction

Now lets look at the company using this technique to increase their productivity

Amul with the turnover of 50,000 crores is a symbol of many things like of the high-quality products sold at reasonable prices, of the genesis of a vast co-operative network, of the triumph of indigenous technology, of the marketing savvy of a farmers' organization.

Value of the product
Most of the products are easily available at a very reasonable price ,customers are enjoying various flavours of the same product and various alternatives at the same time

Rarity and inimitablity of the product
The big supply chain is rare and inimitable .Amul does not “produce” milk. AMUL’s different member unions and other outfits from whom it outsources its milk and milk products, collect milk from farmers produced by their animals, process it and convert it to various milk and milk products for sale under the brand name AMUL. More such numbers of units with which AMUL works with, more the milk.

Organised scale and authenticity of the product
Most of the plants of AMUL are ISO 22000(Food safety management system) and ISO 9000(Quality management system) certified. These certification needs , follow up of quality standards. So you can trust products quality and safety of AMUL. In each plant milk quality and safety is checked after procurement , during processing and after packaging.

So most companies are following these models and this will definitely be useful for small scale businesses also

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