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 Standing for women who want to look beautiful for themselves not for the other men or women

"learn to dream for yourself, life will turn out to be good"- Falguni Nayar

Entrepreneurial journey is not meant for faint hearted people, if you love the roller costar full of adventure then this journey can teach a lot.

Falguni got this energy and idea when she saw entrepreneurs proving themselves right when it seems to be impossible in the early stage of creation, from here her beautiful journey of an entrepreneur started.

She saw the advantage in the beauty and fashion industry which was not that big due to the huge diversity in India and it was hard for the company to expand in the other parts as well.

An IIM alumnus, served 20 years at Kotak Mahindra as a venture investor and merchant, in 2005 she headed towards the post of Managing director in venture saving money business of the group, she announced her departure to pursue her dream of entrepreneurship in 2012, although she was interested in beauty but didn't get the time to know more about it and having very less knowledge about retail and technology. At this early age she used to do most of the work by herself managing both family and business at the same time 

Hats off!

At the age of fifty she headquartered her company in Mumbai (her birth place).Her father has a small business of bearings that gave her immense power that she can ride on top of the market. She got inspired by 'Sephora' and built a unicorn $1.2 billion startup 'Nykaa' India's most successful startup.

Nykaa raised multiple rounds of funding from different investors,  it became profitable in FY19 with a net profit of Rs 2.3 crores, in 2020 it raised an amount of Rs 100 crores from Steadview capital.

"I'm an adventurer , I was never a good swimmer but I would always be the first to jump in. The thought what if I break a leg, doesn't occur to me" 

"If down wears you down then it's not meant for you" - Falguni Nayar

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