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As a start-up, it can be difficult to stand out online amongst all the competition. That's why we need to leverage all of the different channels you have at your disposal especially when it comes to social media.

YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world, with a huge worldwide audience so a good YouTube social media strategy can work wonders for your online success.

Why grow your startup with

When you're looking at all the different ways you can grow your startup, you always want to know which will be the most advantageous.
using YouTube as a marketing channel can help you increase your visibility very quickly, since it will allow you to appear in both YouTube's search engine and Google's video search engine.

ways to grow your startup using YouTube 

you can use YouTube for growth at  various point of the growth funnel. The stages of startup's growth funnel are acquisition, activation, retention, revenue and referral.
There are some different ways you can use YouTube to grow your startup.

1. Viral Videos

If you're looking to get a big boost in visibility and brand awareness, viral videos can help get you those results. 
Dollar Shave Club, for example, had massive success with their viral video pictured in the example below. 
It's difficult, however, to create a viral video. If it was so easy, after all, everyone would do it just for the money and infamy. To create videos that go viral, try to create content that users will want to share by making it valuable and emotionally impactful.

2. Thought Leadership

Growing your startup sometimes means showing off what you know, and thought leadership videos are an excellent way to do just that. These videos can include having someone interview you, or having you talk about your area of expertise directly to the camera. They are designed to demonstrate your advanced knowledge and establish you as a thought leader. This can help your startup's reputation as a result.

3. Weekly news & insights

Creating videos sharing weekly news, updates, and new insights is a fantastic way to increase the value of your startup. You xan share industry news or news about the features of your startup, along with new tips you want to share with your audience. 
In the example below, AdEspresso shares updates on their new features with their customers.

4. Step-by-step tutorials

Step-by-step tutorials are one of the best types of content you can create on any platform, but they are extremely effective and valuable as YouTube video.
These videos can show viewers how to use product better or more efficiently. This makes them more successful while making your product more essential to them all at the same time.

5. Grab viewers attention

There is no denying that present day audience holds the attention span of a glodfish and there are only certain number of ways you can retain attention.
According to research, 68% viewers remember video rather than reading the text it includes.

       It's always good practice to plan your social media content ahead of time -- but with YouTube -- it's a real necessity.

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