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 When I was a kid I used to think that the paper rocket which all of us used to fly from last bench of the class is the actual rocket which can make a round trip of space / earth. Seems impossible? Yes, even I laughed + felt little embarrassed when grew up. 

But a team of former engineers of the rocket design centre of ISRO and veterans from Indian space and defence programmes who brought forth over three centuries of collective experience in building rocket systems and Pawan Kumar Chandana who is a former engineer of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, ISRO made me feel just opposite. 

Pawan Kumar Chandana ( Co-founder, CEO, CTO) & Naga Bharath Daka( Co-founder, COO, Head Avionics & GNC) founded 'SKYROOT AEROSPACE' the Indian SPACEX to prove me right!! 

A new space age is emerging and the extraordinary opportunities in space depend on the transportation systems from Earth to Space. At Skyroot, we are building technologies for responsive, reliable and economic access to space. We envision a future where spaceflight is as regular, reliable and affordable as airflight.

SKYROOT AEROSPACE Pvt. Ltd. Is an Indian private Aerospace manufacturer and commercial launch service provider located in Hyderabad Telangana. It was formed in January 2017.

They won the first prize in the space category in National startup awards 2020 by #startupIndia.

Skyroot believes a new Space Age is kicking off, and snagging the extraordinary opportunities in space depends on robust transportation systems from Earth to orbit. Their Vikram launch vehicle, when operational, is expected to be one of the most cost-effective small satellite launch vehicles in the world, positioning India for interstellar dominance


1. Upper state liquid engines are fully 3D printed cutting caused by 40%.

2.Skyroot is also developing a futuristic, highly efficient LNG/LOX Cryogenic liquid engine that uses greener, more sustainable rocket fuel.

# PRODUCTS : Vikram series of launch Vehicles. 

1.Vikram 1 :  Payload- 225 kg to 500 km SSPO + 315 kg to 45° inclination 500km LEO

  Architecture- a) highly reliable solid propulsion stages with proven design heritage. 

b) miniaturised and modern avionics. 

c) Ultra low shock pneumatic separation. 

 Economic- lowest cost in the payload segment. 

Responsive - Requires Minimal range infrastructure. Can be assembled and launched within 24 hours from any launch site.

 Modified Versions could be found in VIKRAM2 & VIKRAM3

Many startups now looking to exploit the opportunities in the growing global space markets have emerged within the Indian space domain. They are developing visionary technologies, products and services, but lack a strong footing when it comes to financial, regulatory and political support. 

                    - Department  for promotion of industry and internal trade of Government of India. 

See the reason why I am talking of space startup is because it has to play a crucial role in every sector. And space is the sector and which India has only 3% share at global level. Space is the field where we need to be most self reliable "AATMANIRBHAR". It affects agriculture ,education and national security like sectors. 

For example just imagine when we are at war and USA shutdowns its G.P.S!!  Boooom!! Now even we won't know weather our Missiles will hit the enemy or our camps as they didn't have navigation. That gives us a good idea the importance of space programs and  self reliability on them. 

When it comes to agriculture all we need is information we need satellites to tell us weather for coming week or month to have a good produce. 

But why I am talking of this space programs crucial role here? Because 'SKYROOT AEROSPACE' has understood this vulnerability and has turned the tables. They have played a part for Indian space programs keeping in the mind the social economic and all sorts of status of Indians. 

8 January 2021 the date when Elon Musk the Founder CEO CTO and Chief designer of SPACEX became the richest man in the world. I say that's great.But I didn't understand the sense behind millions of people flooding Twitter WhatsApp status and Instagram stories congratulating Elon Musk. 

This is where we go wrong. We praise foreign entrepreneurs as if they are in our contact list but we forget to respect value and promote our own ideas which come from our own land and entrepreneurs who deserves and owe that response which we are never interested to serve. 

We just end up blaming a government not providing that infrastructure that ecosystem which is required to start up anything but there are people like Pawan Kumar Chandana and team who despite being ignored letting facilities keep themselves passionate motivated professional and work hard to achieve what they aim to. When private companies or entrepreneurs work with government the result is always 'DEVELOPMENT & PROGRESS'

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