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Recently union government has launched a 1000 Crore Startup Seed Fund scheme .
Here is all you need to know about it

India is now speeding up in the race of becoming a superpower and leading on world fronts .
While the economy of India is primarily dependent on agriculture and mining sector but Corporate business,  E-Commerce and startups also plays a vital role in the development of economy,  GDP and generating the employment and thus positively effecting the growth of nation 
India is said to be the third largest startup ecosystem in world .
11 startups entered the unicorn club in 2020 itself . 

This is the sector wise representation of Indian Economy 

Why do Startups/companies need funding ?

At all levels in the business, no company has so much funds that it can run and expand the business on it's own for a long run , therefore it's a constant need for the funding ,from Bootstrapping to IPO here are different level of fundings 
Each level of these fundings have their different procedures and the amount involved 

What is seed fund ?

Seed funding or seed stage funding is a very early investment which aims at helping a business grow and generating its own capital. Also referred to as seed money or seed capital, investors often get equity stake in exchange for the capital invested. The investors can themselves be the founders and use their savings as seed money for their new company — also known as bootstrapping.
About the recently launched scheme 

In the year 2016 Modi government launched ' Startup India ' initiative to help boosting the various parts of the startups from funding to promotions.
On the 5th anniversary of this scheme PM Modi launched a 1000 crore seed fund while addressing the national summit for startups 'Prarambh '
This scheme will help the startups in raising equity capital and Debt capital

He also launched a TV program 
'Startup Champions ' to showcase the journey and ideas of successful entrepreneurs 
Prior to this government also launched 'Make in India ' drive to enhance the production in nation and become less dependent on foreign countries. 

How can you register for this ? 

Inorder to enter your startup's name in the scheme and avail the benifits 
You need to visit the official website for this ,
You will have to submit the essential details and soon will get a confirmation message if they find your idea worthy 
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