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 Note:- it's about women as entrepreneurs and not about startups for women! 

It is said that "Behind every successful man there is  women"  Now imagine those species (females) who's supporting hand can make a man successful then what if they take the lead & starts their own business? Then those days are not so far where we'll see Miss.XYZ in all sort of start-up awards! 

How will we define 'Women Entrepreneurs'? 

Google says "A women of group of women who initiate, organise & run a business enterprises"

As per the Government of India " owning and controlling an enterprise with a woman having a minimum financial interest of 51℅ of the Capital & giving at least 51℅ of the Employment generated in the Enterprise to Women"

Reality tells us the term 'Entrepreneur' is same for all be it male, female or transgender! It's just specification of person doing that. 

"Women Entrepreneurship is based on women participation in equity & employment of a business enterprise"                                        -Ruhani. J. Alice. 

So what qualities do women need to imbibe to become a so-called 'entrepreneur'? 

Let me clear it. As term itself is universal. Qualities needed are also universal and all sort of human beings need that to be an Entrepreneur. 

Thos are like : Challenge Accepting, Ambitious, Hardworking, Smart-Working, Patience, Motivator, Leadership, Bank of Ideas, A Vision, Logical, Risk Taking, Problem Solving and many more! 

Now the question arises what causes women to grow a little bit late or took time to overtake man? Women have all sort of qualities required but earlier they had less risk taking ability! I know you could be judging me but let me put some facts to clarify. 

1. Grooming or how we raise girls. 

2. Female risk taking tends to decrease under stress.                                                                   -study by Mara Mather & N.R lighthall

3. Gender differences in brain activity. 

4. Stronger taller and more attractive people are PERCEIVED to be more risk tolerant. study by Sheryl Ball & Maria Herucleous. 

The point I want to convey is earlier these were the issues causing less female startups but the tables have turned and that error has vanished. 

Now female business owners has increased by 114 %. 

36% of small businesses are owned by women worldwide. 1200 + businesses are launched every day by women in United States. Women owned businesses generate 2 trillion dollars in revenue. The growth rate of women businesses is 5%.

The women entrepreneurs are growing rapidly in numbers also.

47% off women started a business in 2019 compared to 44% of men. The reasons being passionate and attaining financial independence. 62% of women entrepreneurs are between 40 to 60 years old. This reflects their struggle their commitment and dedication towards their work. 

In US only total 12.3 million businesses are owned by women. Sum of 10 million people are employed or say led by women.

In 2019 10 startups by women became unicorns. 70% of women and 60% of men is the data showing Crowdfunding. This shows startups by women are stable under trusted by investors. 


The startup India sight talks very well about the contribution of women entrepreneurs which led to change in demographic characteristics of startups and boost in economic growth. It enlightens role of women in inspiring society.

Startup India claims to be committed to strengthening the the women entrepreneurship ecosystem through policies and initiatives. ( WING, TREAD, Rashtriya Mahila Kosh, MUDRA are some of them) 

14% of 60 million entrepreneurs are women in India. Women entrepreneurs leads 13.4 5 million people. 30% of India's Tech workforce is female.

The topic women entrepreneurship is a bottomless ocean more you dive more you get to know about it. Wrapping up I would say the focus efforts by multiple stakeholders across the ecosystem will benefit in creating a gender inclusive atmosphere and driving women's participation in entrepreneurship. 

Now no barrier can stop women to startup and there's no scale to measure the level of passion,motivation, dedication,commitment and eagerness to achieve what they want and become independent in all aspects. 

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  1. Doing everything and/or micromanaging comes with a price tag, primarily burnout and unintentionally pissing people off LOL. This was a hard lesson for me many years ago, when I thought I was Superwoman and could do everything. go here